The Town Company | Hotel Kansas City | Downtown KC Restaurant
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Jay Ferries

Sous Chef

At T​he Town Company,​ charming, yet inventive fare is brought to life by executive chef ​Johnny Leach and sous chef ​Jay Ferries.​ ​Ferries​ and L​each’s​ dynamic is built on balance: they complement each
other through the execution of their unique menu visions. As Leach’s ​ right-hand man, Ferries’ ​assistance helps center the team’s craft.

Throughout ​Ferries’​ career, he’s taken chances and succeeded because of the rich relationships he’s built along the way. Ferries’​ pivotal experiences cooking in Portland sparked his excitement for the farm-to-table experience and brought him in connection with ​Leach.​ His residency in Pacific Northwest restaurants like Clyde Common allowed F​erries​ to devote time and energy into his passion and inspired him to pursue it more seriously. In Portland, Ferries​ learned about the farm-to-table movement and its impact on the industry. He experienced the beauty and rarity of being able to request a crop to be grown exclusively for him to work with.

As the concept for ​The Town Company​ blossomed, Ferries​ knew that it would forever change the landscape of the city’s culture. Beyond a culinary endeavor, Ferries​ sees the emergence of ​The Town Company​ as a new beginning in Kansas City. From the​ ​restaurant’s origination, the role Ferries​ has played has been one he’s dreamt of throughout his career.