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Helen Jo Leach

Executive Pastry

Executive pastry chef Helen Jo Leach will lead The Town Company’s dessert program, Hotel Kansas City’s coffee bar, market, and events programs. Leach’s Midwestern-inspired approach to pastry will incorporate native ingredients and experimentation with the restaurant’s centerpiece hearth, bringing her wealth of acumen, artistry, and excitement to The Town Company’s and Hotel Kansas City’s pastry programs.

Leach’s talents opened doors to work at esteemed spots like Eleven Madison Park, and Del Posto – the restaurant where she met her husband. Later on, she assisted Christina Tosi in opening and building the Momofuku Milk Bar empire. After eight lively years in New York City, Leach and her husband, The Town Company’s executive chef Johnny Leach, moved to the Pacific Northwest, where her leadership shaped the dessert program at two of Gabriel Rucker’s restaurants in Portland: Little Bird Bistro and Le Pigeon. As she mastered new facets of the craft, Leach’s passion navigated her through the intensity the industry demanded.

Entering her positions at The Town Company and Hotel Kansas City, Leach looks forward to exploring Midwestern flavors with help from the space’s hearth. Oftentimes sharing ingredients in the kitchen and culinary books in their home library, she and Johnny look forward to exploring their curiosity with plants native to Kansas City and collaborating on menus.